Top Tech Promotional Items

Why not let that work for you when choosing promotional items for your customers or your next advertising campaign? Whether they are tech toys themselves or designed to be used with the latest high tech gadgets, these are the top tech promotional items currently seen at trade shows and other events.

  1. Mouse pads

Mouse pads come in all shapes and sizes, and make wonderful promotional items for any business that relies on computers. Mouse pads fit all the rules for an effective advertising promotional gift – they take up desk real estate where they will be seen daily. They offer a large surface for printing. They can be printed with nearly any message or image. They come in so many styles that it is easy to create a unique mouse pad for your own business. In addition, they come in a broad range of prices to suit almost every budget.

  1. Computer mice

Promotional computer mice are among the rising candidates in the promotional items industry. Clever configurations, small sizes, wireless devices and novelty treatments make computer mice interesting and unusual choices as promotional items for an office supply business. One very clever type of computer mouse is the liquid filled mouse. It features a “fishbowl” that holds floating plastic shapes which can be custom designed for your business.

  1. USB Flash drives

As prices drop, USB flash drives are becoming popular mid-range¬†promotional gifts¬†for giveaways and incentives. They are useful, of course, putting them high on the “want” list for recipients, but they’re also available in a wide range of styles that make them unique and interesting. Keychain and credit card USB drives are especially popular because of their convenience. They can be imprinted with your company logo or slogan to remind your customers often of your generosity.

  1. Digital cameras

Digital cameras are another high tech item that has dropped in price, making them affordable as promotional giveaways. They make great purchase incentives for products like computers, or holiday trips. A health or fitness club might offer them with a catchy slogan about before and after pictures, and resorts, hotels and B&Bs might put an inexpensive one-use digital camera in each suite for the use of their guests.

  1. Cell phone cradles and accessories

Cell phones are indispensable in today’s business world and accessories for cell phones are one more place where you can put your company’s mark. Cell phone sleeves, iPod socks and other accessories for small electronics are popular giveaways for youth oriented promotions and sales giveaways.

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