Crazy World of Animation

Animation is an interesting and a challenging field that deals with virtual reality. It is a field that gives hyper real experience of day to day objects. It involves constant innovations and cutting edge technologies to show virtual characters real. It is a medium through which you can convert your ideas and imagination into virtual reality. It makes the text interactive, attractive and appealing to the eye by highlighting the message. It casts an ever lasting impression on viewer’s mind and they will remember it for a long time to come.

Animation is based on the phenomenon of persistence of vision to create an illusion of the movement by the rapid display of sequence of images in 2D or 3D artworks. In simple terms, it creates a false conception of things though technological tricks. This illusion is created by replacing the series of old images with new one that are identical to previous one. 3D artwork is more dynamic and vibrant as compared to 2D artwork because it has an extra dimension. In other words, if you draw character on paper then it will show only front part of the character not its back but in 3D animation you can see your object or character from all directions. Nowadays lots of animation tools and techniques are available that can help you in understanding the concepts of this field. You can find them easily on the Internet.

It has applications in every field like entertainment industry is greatly benefited by it. It is a cost effective tool for them. They can create mind boggling scenes with ease and without losing big bucks. Even in pilot training institutes, trainees can test their skills on simulators that were developed by the principles of animation. It can also be used in educating small kids in schools as they easily associate with their cartoon characters. Animation can be used in making network sites more beautiful and interactive. It can also be used effectively in online business. Entrepreneurs useĀ animationĀ for their websites, blogs and other such networking sites to promote their businesses. Animation has its great future ahead as this field is yet to tap its true potential with the development in technology.

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